Poster Amsterdam Spanish Film Festival: Veneno

    Amsterdam Spanish Film Festival: Veneno

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    This film is part of Amsterdam Spanish Film Festival 2022.


    We go back to April 1996 in Madrid. One of the most popular late night shows takes to the streets for a segment about prostitution and suddenly she comes into the picture; long brown hair, bright red lips, full breasts and a sharp chat. Almost overnight, Cristina ‘La Veneno’ Ortiz (1964-2016) became a media sensation and emerged as one of the most visible trans people in the Spanish entertainment industry. Almost 25 years after her television debut, the biographical series Veneno appears, which breathes new life into the legacy of the trans icon and sex symbol. “La Veneno” tells the story of a struggling transgender woman, who rose to fame in the 1990s and captured the public with her charms and unique view of the world.

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    • Javier Ambrosia, Javier Calvo


    • Lola Rodríguez
    • Paca la Piraña
    • Isabel Torres


    • 2020


    • 2 uur en 0 minuten


    • Engels