Honeyland + Q&A

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This international award-winning film about the wild beekeeper Hatidze offers not only a glimpse of a vanishing trade set in the breath-taking mountainous scenery of North Macedonia but also a strong portrayal of the state of our civilisation.

Hatidze is 55 and lives with her ailing mother in what was once a mountain village. She earns a modest subsistence with her beekeeping and never tries to take more than she needs from the surrounding countryside. Her life starts to radically change when a large family moves in next door and consider her beekeeping skills to be a possible source for their own enrichment. The two filmmakers have successfully created a poetic and modest, but superbly filmed and multi-layered, film which shows what it means to live in harmony with Nature’s code and to fully accept it.


About our guest speaker

Samir Ljuma is acclaimed Cinematographer and producer, who ́s focus is on capturing human behavior, intimate relations and authentic interaction. Faces as source and motivation he’s able to draw multiple layered vivid canvases with his camera and his honest and heartfelt approach towards protagonists. Visible in various successful collaborations with macedonian and international directors like Ilija Cvetkovski “ Avec L ́Amour”, Hanis Bagashov “Mishko”, Dimitar Orovchanec “Comrade”, Tamara Kotevska and Ljubomir Stefanov “ Lake of Appels”, with whom he also told the double Oscar nominee feature documentary “Honeyland”, which won three main awards on the Sundance Film Festival. One of those is the “Special Jury Award for Best Cinematography”. As well he is an local producer for the macedonian region, within he contributed an inside perspective for the international productions of “ Fake News Fairytale” directed by Kate Stonehill and the short documentary “ Selling Lies” directed by Oscar nominee director Leslie Iwerks, produced by “Revelation Entertainment” and “ Iwerks&Co”. Besides this he is founder of the film production company “Diverse Film Production”. Samir is the winner of the American Society Of Cinematographers Award for best Documentary cinematography as well as IMAGO Award, IDA Award, Cinema Eye Honors Award, Sundance Film Festival award.”


This film is part of our program Rhizobia and will feature a Q&A with cinematographer Samir Ljuma.



  • Tamara Kotevska, Ljubomir Stefanov


  • Hatidzhe Muratova
  • Nazife Muratova
  • Hussein Sam


  • 2019


  • 1 uur en 27 minuten


  • English


  • 16