Schmutz Cinema

Schmutz Cinema returns to LAB111 with more erotic arthouse. Each edition of Schmutz features a variety of bodies, gender identities and sexual preferences. Displayed on a smorgasbord of cinematographic creativity. 

For our second edition, we will be dishing up seven short films to inspire your erotic imagination and rekindle curiosity and play. The line-up includes Matt Lambert, Morgana Muses, Jorge the Obscene, Aorta Films, The One Minutes and Michaela Pavlátová. In addition, we invited Pleasure Society’s Shari Klein to share some sexy poetry.

There’s a whole universe of erotic content: some good, some bad, some meh. Schmutz Cinema knows excellent porn, and we love to share. Join us in celebrating intimacy and pleasure as essential to our mental and physical well-being.


  • 1 uur en 30 minuten