Wolf Children

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Wolf Children, Hosoda’s first film with his new studio, Studio Chizu, became his third award-winning masterpiece. Raised by a single mother, Hosoda was deeply inspired to craft a film that beautifully illustrates the trials of motherhood, unwavering love, and finding your own path in life.

When Hana fell in love, she never imagined that her beloved would be part wolf. Accepting him, she fell for the handsome wolf man and embraced a new life filled with unique challenges. Blessed by love, their family grew with two additions, Yuki and Ame. However, happiness was fleeting and tragedy struck their happy family. Suddenly alone, Hana is left to raise their children without any guidance. With few resources, she struggles to learn how to raise wolf children in a world that could never understand them. But love always perseveres, and together, this exceptional family will face every trial on the path to their own happiness.


On June 13th with an introduction by film journalist Kevin Toma (de Volkskrant).


This film is part of our program The Animated Works Of Mamoru Hosoda.


  • Mamoru Hosoda


  • Aoi Miyazaki
  • Haru Kuroki
  • Yukito Nishii


  • 2012


  • 1 uur en 57 minuten


  • Engels