The Duellists

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The Duellists is based on a story by Joseph Conrad, variously titled The Duel and The Point of Honour. Keith Carradine and Harvey Keitel play officers in Napoleon’s army — D’Hubert and Feraud, respectively — who spend their off-hours challenging each other to bloody duels. This goes on for nearly 16 years, with neither man showing any inclination of calling a truce. The final clash finds the gentlemanly D’Hubert getting the upper hand of the obsessed Feraud — but that’s not quite the end of the story. The Duellists was the debut feature for director Ridley Scott; it won the Cannes Film Festival prize for Best First Film.


This film is part of our re-opening season Here We Go Again.


  • Ridley Scott


  • Keith Carradine
  • Harvey Keitel
  • Albert Finney


  • 1977


  • 1 uur en 40 minuten


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