The Cat Returns

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Haru is an free-spirited young girl who, on her way home from school, sees a cat trying to cross a busy street. She rushes out and saves the cat just as it is about to be crushed by a large truck. The cat she rescues is the Cat King’s son, Prince Lune, and soon she receives an invitation to visit the Kingdom of Cats from the King himself as thanks. When Haru discovers that the King wants her to marry Lune, she must decide if she wants to stay in the Kingdom of Cats or return to her own world.


This film is part of our program Studio Ghibli Selected.


  • Hiroyuki Morita


  • Chizuru Ikewaki
  • Yoshihiko Hakamada
  • Youko Honna


  • 2002


  • 1 uur en 15 minuten


  • AL