Schmutz Cinema 6 – Kentucky Fried Ficken

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Schmutz Cinema is serving steamy, queer erotic arthouse. Each programme features a variety of bodies, gender identities, and sexual preferences, and it is displayed on a smorgasbord of cinematographic creativity. 

This edition will be taking you on a journey of sexual liberation in the USA. Say what you may about this country; they are a cultural juggernaut. We’ll take you from the gay cruising scene in the 90s in NYC to fast food icons, Muppets and eco-sexuality. To top it off, we invited Smut Slam’s Bustie la Tish to bring us some of her juiciest stories.


BEAT IT by Rachel Britton
A frog anxiously awaits his punishment from his bodacious bride. Oink for mommy.

TRADE CENTER by Adam Baran
A recount of five men’s memories of their thrilling sexual experiences in the World Trade Center in the 1980s and 1990s. 

POP’S CORN by Buttermilk Films
A spitroast unlike any other. 

MEDIBATION by Joseph Kramer
It is impossible to overstate the importance of Annie Sprinkle’s work. Sexologist, performance artist, feminist stripper, pornographic film actor, director and performer, orgasm facilitator, ecosexua, feminist…the list goes on and on. In Medibation: Masturbation and Meditation, Annie invites you into her world of spiritual masturbation and celebrating mother earth as a lover.

EXTRASENSORY by Cheescake Productions
Sierra McKenzie ties Essa Terick as they describe their experiences and fascination with the art of rope play.

When Ronald meets Ronald, worlds collide, and lust blossoms into a food-fight fiasco full of mustard and mayo… and we’re lovin’ it!

DEEP CLEAN by David Wilson
Harry Clayton-Wright unleashes the sensual power of household appliances in this high-spirited dance number. A clean house has ever felt more satisfying.

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  • 4 July 2024


  • 1 uur en 20 minuten


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