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Believing themselves to be intellectually superior to their contemporaries, flatmates Brandon (John Dall) and Philip (Farley Granger) murder their friend David Kentley purely to see if they can get away with it. They then throw a cocktail party, serving food from the top of the trunk where they have hidden David’s body. Their guests include both David’s father and fiancée, as well as college lecturer Rupert Cadell (James Stewart), who becomes increasingly suspicious as the evening wears on. Director Alfred Hitchcock constructed the film out of ten continuous reels, making no use of his usual montage technique and keeping cuts to a minimum.

Please note that due to the film materials available the movies in this Alfred Hitchcock retrospective are not subtitled.


  • Alfred Hitchcock


  • John Dall
  • Farley Granger
  • James Stewart


  • 1948


  • 1 uur en 20 minuten


  • 12
  • G