LIMA Presents: Representation, Gender and the Body

During the course of this evening LIMA presents works from its distribution collection as well as works by Sin Wai Kin, Molly Soda and Lena Kuzmich on the theme of representation, gender and the body. Q&A with artists Lydia Schouten and Lena Kuzmich moderated by Aynouk Tan afterwards. The evening is curated by Manique Hendricks.


The program:

Sin Wai Kin – Tell me everything you saw, and what you think it means (2018, 5 min) Courtesy by Blindspot Gallery and the artist.


Sin Wai Kin – She Was More Than the Sum of My Parts (2016, 3 min)

Molly Soda – Touch To Play (2017, 3 min)

Lena Kuzmich – Inside the House of Everlasting Love (2020, 8 min)

Lydia Schouten, Sex Object (1979, 8 min excerpt)

Valérie Pavia- De la séduction (1998, 3 min)

Elodie Pong – Je suis une bombe (2006, 6 min)


  • 1 uur en 30 minuten