Que Horas Ela Volta?

Portugees gesproken
Nederlands ondertiteld

Val is the kind of live-in housekeeper who takes her work seriously. She wears a crisp maid’s uniform while serving perfect canapés; she serves her wealthy São Paulo employers day in and day out while lovingly nannying their teenage son whom she’s raised since toddlerhood.
Everyone and everything in the elegant house has its place until one day, Val’s ambitious, clever daughter Jessica arrives from Val’s hometown to take the college entrance exams. Jessica’s confident, youthful presence upsets the unspoken yet strict balance of power in the household; Val must decide where her allegiances lie and what she’s willing to sacrifice.


This film is part of our program Female Frame: Breaking The Celluloid Ceiling.


  • Anna Muylaert


  • Regina Casé
  • Michel Joelsas
  • Luis Miranda


  • 2015


  • 1 uur en 50 minuten


  • Nederlands


  • AL