PLOTKA pres. The Story Of Technoviking

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???????????????????????? is a New initiative in Amsterdam that unravels society and technology by looking through the eye of film ????

‘The Story of Technoviking’ (2015) tells how an anonymous dancer in a street rave unintentionally became one of the first and most famous internet memes. Originally captured and uploaded as part of an art project, well over a year later, the video and the anonymous dancer, after countless manipulations by a massive group of internet users, became an internet sensation with a new title: Technoviking.

Through interviews with a variety of experts from the world of digital media and law, ‘The Story of Technoviking’ examines why the barechested dancer was so attractive to the online community. And how uploading a video unintentionally resulted in fame, debts and a lawsuit.

???????????????????????? invites Matthias Fritsch (DE), the maker of the original Technoviking video and documentary, to Amsterdam ⚡️

On March 28, Matthias Fritsch will have a conversation with media theorist Geert Lovink, who is currently studying the meme for his soon to be released book ‘Sad by Design’. Together they will shed a contemporary light on the classic viking meme.

Expect a varied program that includes the introduction of Press Lots of Keys to Abort, a short film about microwaves, a film from the collection of LIMA, a talk from Erirhakin and free unlimited WiFi. More information T.B.A.


  • Matthias Fritsch


  • 2018


  • 2 uur en 15 minuten


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