Plokta Lectures & Film: The Hidden Life Of Technology

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Dig deeper into Plokta’s theme with this special program of exclusive lectures, performances and screenings. Getting to the heart of the festival, artists and researchers present and perform works considering different aspects of the Hidden Life of Technology.

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Explore the fictional island of King Kong in this live video essay by Graham Kelly. Since the original 1933 classic, numerous interpretations of the iconic ape have reflected the contexts of their eras and audiences. Plokta premieres the latest part of this ongoing series of performances and video works, examining the ideological and financial stories hidden in these seminal chapters of cinema.

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Donna Verheijden’s kaleidoscopic video essay, “Eye Trick the I” explores the (un)reality of representation from art history to social media. She finds an eerie humour in how we construct ourselves through visual and digital culture. The result is a visual onslaught of data and images, where questions about public/private life are raised and then left unanswered in the endless scroll. Followed by a unique performance by the artist, created interactively with the Plokta audience.

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Mathew Kneebone explores the history of electrical innovation and the cultural mechanisms that we adopt to cope with its change. Opening the Saturday program, he considers how visible technologies have become invisible throughout history. The talk correlates technical complexity, malfunction and user anxieties with mythology, superstition and science fiction.


  • 2 uur en 40 minuten