Maria Lalou: The Dialogue incl. talk

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A camera infinitely moves in parallel to a table around which five people dressed in black are situated. It faces always the back of one; the director herself. Her initial monologue leads to a live discourse between the five shaping a manifestation of concerns and suggestions on resisting algorithmic governance.

LIMA is pleased to invite you to the Dutch premiere of Maria Lalou’s ‘The Dialogue’ at LAB111, followed by TALK, a scripted 2nd segment of the film’s premiere, organised together with Punt WG, in presence of Maria Lalou together with Alena Alexandrova, Rachael Rakes, Tao G. Vrhovec Sambolec and Theus Zwakhals. The evening will present different formats of a discussion on the relation between the viewer, the subject, and the camera.

As Rachael Rakes refers in her introduction in Lalou’s book ‘the camera’: ’The Dialogue’ and ‘the camera’ are parts of a constellation of projects by Lalou that investigate visual technologies. The method of the work maintains a pre-active stance on the relation between people and images, cameras and people, and images and images. By de-emphasising her own directorial or authorial mode in ‘the Dialogue’, placing instead a concept of authoring or perceiving machine, and then unmasking this formation in ‘the camera’, these works propose the apparatus relations happening already, and pre-ceives those to come.”


  • Maria Lalou


  • 2019


  • 2 uur en 0 minuten


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