ADE Special: Kuso

“Some movies push the limit so far beyond the bounds of cinema that they exist merely as morbid spectacle—an irresistible dare upon the most sick-minded viewers. Kuso is one such movie. If that title isn’t yet familiar, you may have heard it referred to, instead, as the Flying Lotus film that incited mass walkouts at Sundance earlier this year.
This is the debut feature from the electronic musician born Steven Ellison, who directorially goes by Steve and previously worked on short films and original soundtracks. Anyone who’s seen Flying Lotus live wouldn’t be surprised at his interest in the cinematic side of things. His shows are often disorienting sensory experiences fueled by 3D stage setups. And Kuso is one hell of a disorienting sensory experience—a visual orgy of pus and perversion.” – Pitchfork.


  • ADE Specials


  • Hannibal Buress, George Clinton en David Firth


  • 1 uur en 32 minuten


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