IQMF x SIPFF Korean Queer Film Weekend: Korean Queer Shorts

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Jeongwoo, a university student living in Seoul, ran out of school during class and came down to his hometown Buan. The house where Jeongwoo lived with his family five years ago is ruined with overgrown grass and trees. In the steamy heat with the messy house, the only person who Jeongwoo can ask for help is his ex-boyfriend Donga.

Director: Seong-wook Lee

A middle school girl stays at the school until late every night to study. When everyone goes home, she takes off her clothes and starts dancing.

Director: Sun-young An

Meongjin and Inho, who were not only lovers but also high school teacher colleagues, went their separate ways after their breakup. Meongjin became a fake shaman, while Inho started a family. Twenty years later, they unexpectedly reunite to predict Inho's daughter's college entrance exam results.In the midst of their confusion, Meongjin prepares for a ritual to get what he wants.

Director: Hye-ryeong Song

Let You Go
Hyemi witnessed the death of her lover, Sodam. In the absence of Sodam, Hyemi cannot leave the house full of their memories and even sees Sodam’s ghost. In their house, Hyemi constantly hears Sodam’s mother's contact to come to pick up Sodam’s relics. On the day sodam’s mother decided to come, the turtle that Hyemi and Sodam had raised together disappeared. So Hyemi leaves the house to find the turtle.

Director: Tae-hyeong Kim

Elena, the pigeon who lives in the stream Ui, gets a crush on an elderly woman named Soon-ja, who is taking a walk in the stream regularly. After watching her for a long time, Elena makes a plan little by little to tell her feelings about her. Her love, which transcends kinds, gender, generation, would be successful?

Director: Minji Jeong

Chang-hyeon, a transgender prostitute encounters a visitor who seems both familar and alienated to him.

Director: Dae-weon Yoon

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  • 2023


  • 1 uur en 45 minuten