IQMF x SIPFF Korean Queer Film Weekend: Coming To You

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Nabi, a veteran firefighter, prided herself for living a successful life, until one day her child, Hankyeol, comes out to her by saying: “Mom, I want to get a mastectomy.” Meanwhile, Vivian, a flight attendant of 28 years, sheds tears after reading her son, Yejoon’s, letter: “I’m gay.” Nabi and Vivian’d never even heard of the term “LGBTQIA+” during their entire lives when Hankyeol and Yejoon started opening up about their various problems. Facing the reality that their children are struggling, what would two mothers do?

Sat 9 Dec 19:00LAB 2Tickets


  • Gyu-ri Byun


  • 2021


  • 1 uur en 33 minuten