A selection of films that screened at Amsterdam Dance Event. Get moving in your seat!

Janus – Moïse Kabongo, 5:52 min
Janus is a spiritual journey exploring the life of a young queer in the heart of the Mexican Vogue scene.

A Fome De Carne (The Flesh Hunger) – Marcello D’Avilla, 5 min
What is your flesh hungry for? How can we hear the supplications of the body in the name of the most sacred hunger, desire? Seeking to tear these issues from the male homosexual body, in an intimate, visceral and poetic way, the Teatro da PombaGira continues its research Homo Eros, now in video. The video is a celebration on the power of the bodies that are detached from the conservative culture of the present day, flirting with their skin and bowels in an erotic and irrational vertigo.

Etérea – Gil Inoue, Gabriel Dietrich, Pedro Inoue, Tino Monetti, 5 min
“Etérea” is a music video and a mini documentary by the awarded Brazilian artists Criolo. In this project, the singer and songwriter know for his rap and sambas, goes to the electronic beats to put light on the subject of LGBT phobia and culture in Brazil. Starred and interpreted by 8 performers, from different queer collectives of São Paulo, the project also has a behind the scenes where they explain the struggles and poetics of their lives.

Aphrodisiac – Robin Nimanong, 25 min
Aphrodisiac II is a LGBTQ+ dance movie, searching for self-definition, fighting for their own truth. Not scared to reveal inner beauty and inevitable scars.
Robin is an androgynous artist with his culture roots in Thailand. His LadYboy practice is coming to the body and screen for you. A non-gender approach to movement, style and identity that will create new visions on how we built and experience our own society.
Aphrodisiac II is an emotional fantasy initiative that, in the midst of the global crisis reinforce solidarity. Our emotional world is one common place where we can share honesty, truth and deeper meaning. But that doesn’t happen enough. The necessity to speak the unspoken, to express the suppressed. Without any shame to be yourself, discovering yourself and your relation to others.

Turned to Light – Luke Naylor-Perrott, 6:59 min
Turned To Light is a film about light, movement and unrequited love.
Elodie is madly in love, but she cannot find the words to express this to the woman she desires. However, through contemporary dance and a fantastical world of ultraviolet, she finds that both she and her lover can be turned to light together.
Exploring Queerness and the Female gaze, the confluence of light, film and dance, and the limits of language, Turned to Light demands that we see the tiniest of interactions between two individuals in a new and explosive way.

Face It: A meditation on Drag – Naomi White, 5:49 min
A poetic mood film documenting the transformation of actress and dragqueen Laeno

Lay – Mehdi Bahmad, 4:42 min
Too sinful for Heaven, too utopian for Earth, the up-and-coming Moroccan-Canadian artist found peace hanging in tension between both worlds. With a simple game of ‘‘téléphone arabe’’ (‘‘Chinese Whispers’’), Bahmad spreads the invitation to join him in this idyllic universe where nothing is forbidden, where the word Haram doesn’t exist.

Love Research – Astrid Ismaili, 4:19 min
‘Love Research’ is a one take video, by Astrit Ismaili wherein they sing a song surrounded by a crowd of elderly women performing synchronised choreography. The alterego ‘The pregnant boy’ reappears in their work since 2015, each time unfolding different parts of an ongoing narrative. The body extension of this alter-ego is the womb that is inspired by the unique phenomena of male pregnant seahorses. The alien pop star persona of ‘The Pregnant Boy’ is influenced by Astrit’s career as a child pop star in early 2000s in Kosovo. ‘Love Research’ explores loneliness within the marginalized by presenting it as a meeting point between elderly and non-binary bodies. Marginalization by its very nature brings about a sense of disconnection, dissociation from society at large, and a sense of aloneness and loneliness. In this work, love and intimacy are seen as healing powers for individuals, communities and cultures.

Luca m/w/d – Hannah Schwaiger, Ricarda Funnemann, 6:55 min
Society generally distinguishes between two sexes: male and female. In Germany there is a new law for a new legal gender “divers”.
„Divers“ refers to a gender spectrum between male, female and beyond. “I feel my own sex very changeable, it never feels like I am a man or a woman. But only a body to which belongs a spirit and a mind that creates“ this is how Luca describes themself. Thus Luca unites alleged characteristics of both classical sexes in his appearance. Although Luca has experienced antipathy and even physical violence, because of his appearance – Luca would never stop being themself. The first time Luca felt really accepted was in theatre.
In the theater, Luca found a way to develop more empathy. An effect that may someday be passed on to people who object to Luca’s looks, beliefs, and way of loving them.

This show is part of International Queer & Migrant Film Festival. Visit the festival page for the full program.

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