IQMF SHORTS #2: The Playful Gaze

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IQMF SHORTS #2: The playful gaze
An uplifting collection of sex, dance, art and games. Even when life is tough we can still play.

Come Home, Esra Ozban, 8min, United States / Turkey, English and Turkish
“Come Home” is a personal, collective pandemic journey, a video mash-up of place-bound spacelessness of queers in Istanbul.

1-1, Naures Sager, 7 min, Sweden 2020, Arabic and Swedish with English subtitles
Ayman’s sex date with Jonas gets crashed by his friends Amirah and Samir which takes a positive turn.

The Uninhabitable Ones, Anderson Bardot 25 min, Brazil 2019, Portuguese with English subtitles
A dance group rehearses for their latest performance on black homosexuality. While the choreographer conducts research and gives guided tours, he meets Pedro, a young trans girl looking for her own means of expression, choosing him as her new mentor.

From Grey to POSITHIVE, Juan De La Mar Franco, 18 min, Colombia 2019, Spanish with English subtitles
This beautiful documentary mixes poetic and performative styles in it’s depiction of a young gay man diagnosed with HIV and how he experiences this shift in his life.

Freefun, Fehmi Öztürk, 5 min, Turkey 2019, Turkish with English subtitles.
Family fun takes on a new meaning when Kika and her dad end up in the same virtual reality game.

This show is part of International Queer & Migrant Film Festival. Visit the festival page for the full program.

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