IQMF: Shifting Place and Identity

Tickets for International Queer & Migrant Film Festival are sold through their website.

CinemAsia weaves Asian stories that help to enhance Asian visibility in culture and media, through which we foster an inclusive society.


Dir. by Radheya Taware, Experimental Artfilm, India 2019, 21 min.
Language: English, subtitles in English.
Poetic portrait with beautiful camerawork of an Indian teenager balancing between two genders who discovers that their options are indeed limitless.


Dir. by Luna Laure & Rhys Jones, Experimental Documentary, Australia 2019, 7 min.

Language: English

Dimas grew up in a very traditional Muslim family in a small village in Central Java and knew he was gay from a very young age. It wasn’t until his world turned upside down that he went in search of his heaven, ending up in the wildly remote West Australian town of Broome.


Dir. by Etsen Chen, Korea, 2019, 12 min.
Language: Korean, subtitles: English

Joonwoon is bullied in high school for his effeminate appearance. After his peers throw him into a swimming pool he ends up a laundromat where he encounters the enigmatic Chanmi. As they go on a little adventure, Joonwon must decide which paths to take, what to take along with him…and what to leave behind.


Dir. Rhadem Camlian Morados, Philippines, 2018, 28 min.

Language: English, subtitles: English

First-hand account of the struggle for safe space and acceptance by a group of LGBTQI people in the region of Mindanao, the southernmost island of the Philippines. Their stories detail their experience of being LGBT and Bangsamoro, a heterogeneous ethno-linguistic group of Muslims who have long struggled for the right to self-determination.


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