IQMF: Queer Lovers and Internal Struggles

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This mix of love stories explores pleasure and drama in the present and future but leaves you on a high note.


Dir. by Edita “Aster” V. Delgado, Animation, Germany, 2019 , 7 min.
Sixteen-year-old “tomboy” Ning-ning, grew up on a duck farm in the Philippines. As she starts spending more time with a girl from school, her father discovers something that shatters Ning-ning’s world.


Dir. Nicolas Greinacher, Romantic drama, Switzerland, 2019, 15 min.
Set in Switzerland, our story follows Ayaneh, a young refugee from Afghanistan. One day at a public swimming pool she meets Anna and instantly feels attracted to her. As the relationship between the two women develops, Ayaneh is confronted with growing resistance from her religious family.


Dir. Daniel Mateo Vallejo, Drama, Colombia, 2018, 17 min.
At the age of 21, Nicolás decides to get his first HIV test. The uncertainty about the disease disrupts his sex life and his relationship with his family while he awaits the results.


Dir. David James Holloway & Samuel Lawrence, Animation/live-action, UK, 2019, 15 min.
Plunge is an independent live-action and 2D animated hybrid project that explores LGBT themes in modern situations by telling us the stories of four different characters.


Dir. Joseph Adesonloye, Sci-fi, Botswana, 2019, 12 min.
Failing to take heed of warnings, in 2033 devastating population growth, famine and mass internal displacement pushes Africa to the brink of an all-out conflict. This short follows the last hours of two lovers before one of them is called for his execution.


Dir. by Akira Kamiki, Romance, Brazil, 2018, 13 min.
On a Sunday, a Brazilian and an Argentinian photographer one Brazilian walk around São Paulo connecting with the city and slowly falling in love with each other.


Dir. Edwin Alexis Gomez, Drama, USA, 2019, 12 min.
Set against a Los Angeles backdrop, a 20-something Puerto Rican transplant is stuck between the career his mother wants for him and his dream, being an actor. When a casting call, misadventures in millennial dating and society force him to confront the ultimate question; When the world typecasts you, who will you choose to be?


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