IQMF: Queer Landing by Mini Maxwell

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Queer Landing is an exhibition on queer bodies shaping and claiming fluid embodiment and space. While operating in a dystopian present, these queer bodies create agency via their own geographical, social and political narratives. Whether it be in resilience, rural transness, mistakes, grief, alienation, demonstration or exclamation – the queer body is claiming ownership over what was theirs all along. It results in a never ending descent on the slide called Queer Landing. 

Performance by: 
Raoni Muzho Saleh 
Keith Zenga King 
Matthew Wang  

Screening of video works by: 
tim faraus 
Parisa Madani 
Vita Evangelista  
Helio Hoaran Dos Santos 
Jo-Ann With 
Dorothy Cheung 
Shreya de Souza 
Thiemi Higashi

Text by:
Aynouk Tan


Mini Maxwell is a multidisciplinary artist and activist who is from, lives, and works in Amsterdam. They are fascinated with human bodies and are drawn to the mediums of photography, performance, film and fashion. Their work is personal and political, and addresses social issues with a focus on the LGBTQIAP+ community. Their medium of choice often changes, but their focus remains on the human.  Especially for IQMF they have created a performance in collaboration with several artists.


  • 1 uur en 30 minuten