Fish Tank

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British director Andrea Arnold won the Cannes Jury Prize for the intense and invigorating Fish Tank, about a fifteen-year-old girl, Mia (electrifying newcomer Katie Jarvis), who lives with her mother and sister in the housing projects of Essex. Mia’s adolescent conflicts and emerging sexuality reach a boiling point when her mother’s new boyfriend (a lethally attractive Michael Fassbender) enters the picture. In her young career, Arnold has already proven herself to be a master of social realism, evoking the work of Mike Leigh and Ken Loach; and she invests her sympathetic portraits of dead-end lives with a poetic, earthy sensibility all her own. Fish Tank heralds the official arrival of a major new filmmaker.


This film is part of our program Female Frame: Breaking The Celluloid Ceiling.


  • Andrea Arnold


  • Katie Jarvis
  • Kierston Wareing
  • Michael Fassbender


  • 2009


  • 2 uur en 3 minuten


  • 12
  • H
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