ADE Talks: Equalizer – How Can We Be Heard?

What can we do about male dominated line-ups? How can everyone feel safe on the dancefloor? How can we be heard?

During this year’s Amsterdam Dance Event we will discuss these questions and more at Equalizer, through workshops, films, a panel discussion and musical performances.

This event is long overdue and especially during ADE this topic demands to be addressed and discussed. Who better to do this with than the woman from the scene? Together we invite you to talk, watch, listen and dance.


During Amsterdam Dance Event we present a wide array of the best, thought-provoking documentaries and movies about, featuring or made by inspiring musicians from the (electronic) music scene.

ADE Card holders receive free limited access (first come, first serve) and 10% discount on all Strangelove Amsterdam meals and 50% off Absolut cocktails.


  • 9 uur en 20 minuten


  • AL