Club Imagine: Naked Lunch (4K Restoration)

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In Naked Lunch, David Cronenberg takes us on a surreal ride into the twisted psyche of a writer named Bill Lee. Trapped in a world of drugs and grotesque insectoid creatures after a life-changing accident, Lee struggles with his own sanity, confronting the dark corners of his mind in a desperate quest for meaning and redemption.

Naked Lunch is a masterpiece of surrealism, a film that defies categorisation or explanation. Directed by David Cronenberg in 1991, the movie is a surreal and darkly comedic exploration of addiction, creativity, and the nature of reality itself. Cronenberg’s distinctive visual style, combined with William S. Burroughs’ source material, creates a hallucinatory dreamscape that is both alluring and terrifying. At its core, Naked Lunch is a meditation on the creative process, on the role of art in our lives, and on the human psyche’s darkest corners. Whether you’re a fan of Cronenberg’s work or simply looking for a mind-bending cinematic experience, Naked Lunch is a must-see film that will leave you both mesmerized and haunted. 


  • David Cronenberg


  • Peter Weller
  • Judy Davis
  • Ian Holm


  • 1991


  • 1 uur en 55 minuten


  • Geen


  • 16