Asian Raisins presents: Queer East and Southeast Asian Short Films + Speed Dating

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Get ready to celebrate queerness with the drag and makeup artist Aaron Delucoire! This evening will introduce you to a selection of thought-provoking short films Luv Me (2022) and “The first time I’ve dated an Asian man” (2020) and is for everyone who is interested in non-normative narratives with a special focus on intersectionality: the pleasures and pains of queer East and Southeast Asians.

You are invited to join the conversation about this topic and share experiences! After every short film Aaron Delucoire will moderate an open conversation in relation to the short films. Let’s talk about racism and discrimination against LGBTQIAP+ people with special attention to queer East and Southeast Asians. But most of all let’s make ourselves loud and proud for queerness in all its shapes, sizes and colors. It’s our time for joy!

The fun does not end! After the shorts everyone is invited to stay for drinks and to go on a speed date with each other! Either just for fun or for the sake of finding love! Asian Raisins will provide interesting topics of discussions or juicy questions to get the conversation started. It is important that we create an intentional space for everyone, especially for the LGBTQIAP+ community. During the event someone of Asian Raisins will be present. Please reach out to them in case you feel unsafe and / or uncomfortable. You can recognize them by the Asian Raisins sticker on their shirt.

About the shorts:

1. Luv Me (2022) by Yen Dinh and Nicolas Jara

Two nerdy roommates, one asexual, the other a hopeless romantic, struggle to define the meaning of love while watching a K-drama.

2. Episode 3: “The first time I’ve dated an Asian man” from Pete and the Bananas by Pete Wu and Willem Timmers

In the three-part docu series Pete and the Bananas, journalist Pete Wu explores the most beautiful thing there is: love. But there are other dating rules for “bananas” as they are caught between two divergent cultures. Pete calls himself a banana: Chinese on the outside (“yellow”) and Dutch on the inside (“white”). Pete is doing research for this series: what is dating like for him? How do other “bananas” experience this?

Good to know:
– There is wheelchair accessibility on request: please send an e-mail to [email protected]
– Guests can get their own drinks at the bar
*The program will be as follows: the first hour is dedicated to the two shorts and open conversation and in the second hour you can stay for the speed dating event.
**Asian Raisins is a foundation committed to spread knowledge and awareness in the Netherlands about racism and discrimination against East and Southeast Asians.|The photo of Aaron Delecoire is by Sanne van Bergenhennegouwen.


This film is part of the Queer & Pride Summer Program of Queer & Pride Amsterdam.


Entrance is free so reserve your spot while it’s hot! Via the ticket button below you can reserve your ticket 


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