Stories From Palestine: Land And Spirit

The erasure of Palestine and its people is happening in broad daylight with the world watching. We see destruction, death and despair. Stories From Palestine: Land And Spirit is a program that seeks to show the rich cultural heritage of those to whom this is inflicted upon. Told by Palestinians, this collection of films not only documents their struggle but also shows the historic relation of the people to their land whilst capturing the essence of a people’s unwavering spirit.

Previously Unreleased: A24

After the huge success of our early preview of I Saw The TV Glow, we couldn’t wait to screen it again. It’s taken longer than we expected to bring it back to our cinema, but… it’s here now and accompanied by two previously unreleased gems from beloved studio A24!

The X Trilogy

For the last few years, director Ti West and actress Mia Goth have given life to the horror characters Pearl and Maxine. Since 2020, the writer and director has been fully immersed in the genre-spanning series that started with the ’70s slasher flick X and continued with the technicolor prequel Pearl, which were filmed back-to-back in New Zealand during the pandemic and released in 2022. Now things culminate with the premiere on July 25th of the third act, the very ’80s thriller MaXXXine.

In Memoriam: Donald Sutherland

In mid-July, actor Donald Sutherland passed away at the age of 88. Sutherland, whose acting career spanned six decades, was a prolific actor and vocal anti-war activist who appeared in more than 190 films. He embodied an off-kilter appeal that served him brilliantly in a series of classic 1970s movies, which gradually evolved into a veteran gravitas in the latter stages of his career.

Celebrating Cinema Film Club: When Harry Met Sally (incl. intro)

Join us for our next edition of Celebrating Cinema Film Club, screening the quintessential romcom, When Harry Met Sally. With an introduction from entertainment journalist Laura Gommans, a friend of the podcast, we take a look at what exactly makes this film a classic of the romantic comedy genre. In conjunction with our latest podcast episode, you can find out why so many of us love a good ol’ romcom.

Pride Perspectives

In honor of this year’s edition of Queer Pride Amsterdam, our recurring series Pride Perspectives returns! We invite you all to our cinematic exploration of the various notions of queerness, community, chosen family, and love.

Greek Weird Wave: The Films Of Yorgos Lanthimos

Known for his distinctly absurdist features, walking the tightrope between psychological thriller and pitch-black comedy, Greek director Yorgos Lanthimos burst onto the international arthouse scene in 2003. With the re-release of his festival hit Dogtooth and the new film Kinds Of Kindness, our Greek Weird Wave selection returns to our cinema.

The Sidney Lumet Selection

To celebrate 100 years since the birth of legendary director Sidney Lumet, his iconic and sadly still incredibly topical comedy-drama film Network, about a fictional television network, UBS, and its struggle with poor ratings, returns to our cinema from June 27th onwards. We’ve also added two other masterpieces by Lumet to our program: Dog Day Afternoon and 12 Angry Men.